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Are you haunted by Teeth Sensitivity?

Are you haunted by Teeth Sensitivity?

Are you scared of having your favorite ice-cream, stopped having any sweet food or hot beverages? Instead of giving pleasure, your joy of enjoying a delicious cuisine is an old memory to you, which you can’t relish now.

Chances of having a sensitive tooth might be a need of the hour attention. Enamel, outermost layer of the tooth is the hardest part of the body, yes, stronger than your bones even. Only drawback is, if enamel is lost once, it’s irreversible and needs professional care.

Some causes of sensitive teeth

  • Tooth injury – cracked or chipped surface enamel
  • Tooth decay
  • Habits like excessive use of citrus fruits
  • Old tooth fillings
  • Excessive pressure while teeth brushing
  • Gums disease

Among all, Erosion is the most common cause of sensitivity. Alteration of mouth pH is frequently seen in recurrent acid reflux or excessive use of fruit juice and fizzy drinks. Erosion is seen as wedge shape surface near the root and crown meeting at gum line.

Teeth grinding, as an unnoticed habit, is also responsible for generalized loss of surface enameland leading to sensitive teeth.

What are the symptoms of sensitive teeth?

Sharp pain while having cold beverages might have been the first occasion when you noticed that you have tooth sensitivity. Later on, mild to moderate pain at the exposure of sweet or hot beverages and sometimes even a blast of air might act as a trigger on unbearable pain.

You might observe that pain occurs in episodes and goes away time to time, but if the pain persists for longer time duration, may be its time to take dental expert’s opinion.

How can it be prevented?

  • Avoid having excessive sweet, acidic or citrus fruit
  • Replace your hard tooth brush with soft bristled one
  • Using fluoridated tooth paste to make teeth stronger
  • Change your current tooth paste with desensitizing tooth paste
  • Being gentle while brushing your teeth


Teeth sensitivity is treatable. All you need is a regular visit to Dental surgeon for evaluation and identifying the issues at early stage.

  • Cervical fillings – tooth colored fillings are effective way to treat sensitivity with immediate effect and aesthetically acceptable by patients also.
  • Root canal treatment (RCT) – sometimes, in advanced cases like tooth decay, injured tooth requires advanced treatment like RCT, in which tooth is cleaned from inside and filled with biocompatible material.
  • Crowns or veneers – if a tooth is non restorable by a simple filling, crowns or veneers can be made for them.
  • Gum’s graft – exposed root surface can be covered by surgical graft taken from other parts of the mouth. It protect root surface from caries and reduces tooth sensitivity.

To conclude, lot of people suffers from tooth sensitivity. For alleviating this unnecessary pain, awareness of its causes and treatment from an experiential professional can put an end to your misery.

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