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Tooth Pain: Causes, Diagnosis, And Treatment

Tooth Pain: Causes, Diagnosis, And Treatment


Tooth pain is one of the most common conditions related to oral health. Poor oral hygiene is a common cause, although dental pain may also be caused due to various other reasons. Reasons for dental pain include infection, removal of enamel, nerve damage, trauma, tooth fracture, and cavities. Diagnosis of the cause of dental pain requires experience and availability of advanced technology.

So, What Causes Tooth Pain?

There are various causes of tooth pain. Many times, tooth pain is caused due to failed dental procedures. Opting for the best dental clinic in Paschim Vihar with highly experienced dental surgeons helps in avoiding such causes. Some of the common causes of tooth pain are:

Too hard brushing: Remember, too hard brushing for a prolonged period may not always provide you the better oral hygiene. You should be consistent in brushing your teeth daily. Brushing your teeth too hard may result in the removal of the enamel layer resulting in tooth sensitivity.

Trauma:The trauma to the teeth may occur due to accidents or sudden falls. it may result in tooth pain.

Infection: Tooth and gum infections are the most common cause of tooth pain. During infection, inflammation, and swelling results in pain. 

Cavities: Bacteria in the tooth produces acid. This acid damages the teeth resulting in cavities.

Clenching and grinding: Many people have the habit of grinding and clenching their teeth. Prolonged grinding of teeth results in tooth pain.

Wisdom tooth: Eruption of the wisdom tooth may result in tooth pain.

Failed dental procedures: Dental procedures may get failed sometimes resulting in pain and revision of procedure. The poor fitting of the crown, which does not seal the entire tooth, results in pain. 

Filling problems: You may have tooth filling removed due to aging or due to any trauma that may cause pain.

Nerve problems: Pain may also be caused when the nerve supplying the tooth began to damage.

Steps For Diagnosing The Tooth Pain

In the first stage of tooth pain diagnosis, a comprehensive evaluation of the patient is done through obtaining information. Dental surgeons may ask several questions about the pain like nature, the time-period of pain, and medical history of dental pain, locations, aggravating causes, and treatment that is taken.

In the next stage of dental pain diagnosis, the dentist may advise X-rays of the tooth. The dental surgeon may also evaluate the surrounding teeth and gums to identify the cause of pain.

Treatment Options For Tooth Pain

We are different from many other dental clinics. We are not only into providing you relief from the pain, but we also dig deep into the cause of pain and offer a comprehensive treatment plan. We avoid directly jump to the invasive process and try to provide conservative treatment. Even if invasive procedures are required, we perform minimally invasive surgery through our highly experienced surgeons. We also usesafe materials in invasive procedures.

In Case You Have A Dental Problem, Contact Us

We are one of the best dental clinics in Paschim Vihar. We have several years of experience in handling complex dental cases. Conservative treatment, without any invasive intervention, is the primary treatment given at our clinic. However, if the condition of the tooth demands surgical intervention, the surgery is done through advanced technology. Out dental surgeons are experts in handling the simple as well as complex dental conditions. The doctors at our clinic are extensively trained and are adapted to new technologies. All the treatments at our clinic are provided after a thorough dental examination. We always opt for high quality and durable material. The advanced imaging technique is used for an accurate diagnosis.


For the treatment for tooth pain, the patient should opt for the clinic with experienced dental surgeons. Experience counts right from the start of diagnosis to completion of treatment. Inexperienced surgeons may sometimes cause failed procedures. Diagnosis of dental pain may be through medical history, questions about the site and period of pain, and physical evaluation. The treatment done is through conservative technique as well as the surgical intervention. If you have any diseases related to the tooth, contact with the best dental clinic in Paschim Vihar.

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