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Can braces fix overcrowded teeth?

Can braces fix overcrowded teeth?

A beautiful smile is a dream of everyone. Teeth aligned in harmony with the facial structures gives a perfect base for a blossoming smile. Misaligned teeth, crooked teeth or crowded teeth are commonly seen in kids, adults and old people. One of the reason for Misaligned teeth is disruption in the growth harmony of teeth eruption and jaw size. This can result in few teeth sitting higher than others. It can also result in some teeth being pushed behind or ahead of other teeth.

Why is it important to get crowded teeth aligned?

Unfortunately, we see crowded teeth just a cosmetic problem, in reality it is much more than that. Crowded teeth can be reason for food accumulation leading to gum diseases or teeth cavities. Even the jaw size is affected due to crowding of teeth. Fixing your crowded teeth at an early stage is essential since they prevent the proper functioning of teeth and also make your smile less attractive.

How to fix crowded teeth?

Dental Braces are the most commonly preferred treatments especially for severely crowded teeth. We have variety of options to choose from different types of braces like Metal Braces, Ceramic braces or Invisalign.

Braces move your teeth into proper alignment with constant pressure. Bones, when given pressure for long time, resorb on one side and allow teeth to move in desired location. Braces can be of two types – fixed or removable. Advantage of removable is just the cosmetic reason in social gatherings that you can remove them yourself and keep the braces at home. Fixed braces are always managed by dental surgeon and cannot be removed by patient and so they give better and long term results.

Dental braces are set of components to work in orderly fashion:

  • Brackets – It is placed over the tooth surface as pressure point, on the tooth to be moved.
  • Spacers – Spacers are made of rubber bands or metal rings and are used to add space in the jaw.
  • Archwire – A Thin metal wire joining all the brackets to supply constant and gentle pressure.
  • Rubber bands – Rubber bands are used when more pressure is required for the movement.
  • Ligature – They are tiny wires that attach the archwire to the bracket. Ligatures wires come in different colors.
  • Additional components such as coil spring, tubes, power chain, steel ties, hooks, loops, and bite correctors are also used as per the requirement.
  • Sometimes, If teeth are severely crowded and no room exists for their alignment, it may be necessary to create that space by removing one or more teeth. However, it is not required in each and every case and is decided on careful oral evaluation.  

What to expect from the treatment?

Braces treatment is not painful, except they might be uncomfortable in initial days and patient takes time to adapt. When compared to treatment time and response in adults and adolescents, it varies. As we know during adolescence the jaw bones and teeth both are still in growing phase and are more flexible. Adolescents are more adaptive and tend to show faster results to orthodontic forces.  

When we undergo braces treatment, extra oral care is required. Brushing after meals will keep food from becoming lodged in between your braces and your teeth.

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