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Your options for improving your smile

Your options for improving your smile

A smile for confidence:

A beautiful smile is an asset that nobody can deny. It can bring with it a lot of benefits. So what is it that you want to improve about your smile? Is it the misshapen teeth, the chipped teeth, the cavities that stand out, or the yellowish discoloration of your teeth that you want to change? So that you will be seen smiling more often, brighter and with confidence.

When you know that you look good while smiling, and you are appreciated while doing so, you will feel like doing it more often. An individual who smiles often is then considered to be a confident individual and this level of confidence will then be beneficial to them in many ways. They wouldn’t feel awkward about smiling in the middle of a crowd, because they need not worry about who is going to notice the many faults in the different facets of their smile.

A holistic approach:

But, unfortunately not all of us are blessed with a natural smile that is so beautiful, that it dazzles everyone at first sight. Some of us have to work hard at maintaining the good teeth that we have been given, whereas some of us have to undergo various procedures in order to help us achieve that perfect smile.

At the dental clinic in Paschim Vihar, we help you add that sparkle to your smile, with the range of cosmetic dentistry procedures that we have on offer. Cosmetic dentistry is that aspect of dentistry which will help you improve the aesthetic aspects of your smile. You can choose from a variety of procedures which are available which will help you bring about a change in one or more aspects of your smile. To find out how cosmetic dentistry in Paschim Vihar can help you fix your dental problems, book a consultation with us today.

How your teeth affect your smile:

Healthy, good looking teeth are what makes a smile stand out, and there are many aspects of our teeth that affect our smile. These include:

  • The color of the teeth – this is a common problem amongst most people. Because with time most of us tend to develop yellowish discoloration of the teeth. When we imagine what the perfect smile will look like, we always think of one which showcases brilliantly white teeth, because we all know that white teeth are indicative of healthy teeth that have been given the proper self-care. To help you achieve the color you desire, you can opt for teeth whitening which involves the application of bleaching agents to the surface of your teeth. With this procedure you will be able to achieve the natural color of your teeth or even achieve shades which are brighter than your original color.
  • The position of the teeth – we have always been subjected to treatment with braces as children, but you will find that more and more adults are also seen wearing braces in recent times. This is because the newer orthodontic treatments available to help give your teeth the perfect alignment are appealing to more people. They realize what a significant change it can bring to the way their smile looks.
  • The shape of teeth – this again is a common complaint from people. Because some people think they have teeth which are too big, teeth which are crooked, teeth which are chipped and the list goes on. In the days gone by there wasn’t anything that could be done about these particular problems. But now with the advancement of cosmetic dentistry, you have solutions to them as well. Cracked teeth, chipped teeth as well as gaps between teeth can be treated successfully so that you would be left wondering if they even existed in the first place.

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