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The importance of routine visits to your dentist

The importance of routine visits to your dentist

The importance of teeth:

Our teeth are a part of our body which most people take for granted. Maintaining our oral hygiene is not a facet of our health that we give a lot of importance to. This is because most people don’t realize the importance of their teeth until they lose them or a problem arises. Our teeth help us with many of our day to day functions and it is vital that we understand this, in order to create an awareness regarding maintenance of oral hygiene.

Our teeth are an important aspect of our speech. If not for the presence of teeth within our oral cavity, we humans will not be able to pronounce most of the words which we can today. They help us bite our food and chew our food, helping to break it down. Imagine the trouble of having to swallow the food down whole, it sounds painful and uncomfortable even talking about it. Lastly our teeth play a role in the appearance of our smile. How pleasant our smile looks to other people is largely dependent on our teeth, because this is the most visible part when an individual smiles.

When our teeth play a role in multiple functions asmentioned above, it is very important that we care for them. Routine visits to your dentist in Paschim Vihar is recommended at least once in six months. These routine visits will help you know the status of oral hygiene and also will be able to detect any existing problems with your teeth. Existing cavities and gum problems can be detected early on and a routine cleanup will done on your teeth in order to remove any plaques that may have built up. Because early detection and diagnosis of problems will ensure that no extensive treatments will be needed, which will save you both time and money. Problems can be arrested in their early stages and with simple lifestyle changes we may be able to prevent them worsening any further and avoid the need for any dental treatments. It is very rare that individuals who visit the dentist often end up having cavity formation, gum problems or other dental problems, because they are aware of what needs to be done in a regular manner in order to maintain good oral hygiene.

The use of technology to ensure your teeth is in good shape:

During your routine visit to the dental clinic in Paschim Vihar, your dentist may recommend the need for digital x-rays to be taken. Because with the help of X-ray visualization, your dentist will be able to assess the status of your teeth better. And you need not worry, because dental x-rays do not emit radiation like the conventional x-rays where the films need to be developed. For people who have no ongoing issues with their teeth, a routine set of four x-rays will be sufficient to visualize between the molars, but for those with dental issues like the presence of root canal fillings and crowns a greater number of x-rays may be required.

Advantages of dental cleaning:

A professional cleanup of your teeth is required every once in a while, because no matter how well you brush or floss your teeth, you will find that there still remain certain areas of your teeth that you are not able to reach. And this results in the buildup plaque in these areas, which leads to inflammation of the gums, a condition known as gingivitis, which then results in gum bleeding. During a dental cleanup an ultrasonic device will be used to clean all areas of mouth extensively, after which a scraping and flossing of your teeth will be done in order to remove stains and give a good shine.

Obtaining the appropriate advice:

During your routine visit, your dentist will be able to detect any problems which you may not be aware of and inform you about them. They will also be able to advice you on how best you can care for your teeth. The lifestyle habits that you must bring in to practice in order to maintain healthy teeth. They will be able to recommend the best products which are available in the market, so that you will be able to obtain the best results. During these visits, you may be able to raise any concerns you have regarding your oral health, so that you could discuss them with your dentist and alleviate your worries.

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