Dentophobia is a common condition in people. People, because of this condition, delay their dental treatment. This may lead to complications. If you have dental problems and are also suffering from dentophobia, you should consult with the best Dental clinic in Paschim Vihar.

What Is Dentophobia?

Fear of dentist or any type of dental work is termed as dentophobia. Dentophobia is also known as odontophobia. Dentophobia causes anxiety and avoidance. In some cases, dentophobia may interfere with daily life. The fear may be from various things such as the noise of the instrument or cleaning of your teeth. In some patients, the phobia is initiated by thinking of going to the dentist, lying on the chair and undergoing the procedure. The smell of certain compounds may also lead to dentophobia. In some patients, the fear is so extreme that mentioning a dentist may cause severe anxiety, nightmares, and distress.

What Are The Causes Of Dentophobia?

The patient with dentophobia avoids the dentist until the situation is extreme. Different people have different causes of dentophobia. Some are direct while others are indirect. Following are some of the causes of dentophobia:

Direct causes: Direct causes include the previous experience of the patient with the dentist. This may include a painful root canal treatment, bad smell from various compounds, and problems during cavity filling. All such experiences initiate a sense of procrastination from dental visits until it is the last option left.

Indirect causes: Indirect causes includes hearing the experiences of families and friends regarding the pain and other bad experiences with dentist. Hearing about long waiting hours, presence of light right on the head, and injections and other procedures cause dentophobia. Further, the dentist portrayed in cartoon characters instill a feeling of fear in children.

What Are The Various Fears Of Dentophobia?

Different people have different fear of dental work. However, all the fears combine to constitute dentophobia. Following are some of the fears associated with dentophobia:

Fear of pain (Algophobia): Fear of pain is the most common fear found in people with dentophobia. People often say that there is very much pain during root canal treatment due to the interaction of needle with the underlying nerves.

Fear of needles (Trypanophobia): People with dentophobia often thinks that once the procedure gets over, will he be able to recover the lost sensation and what would happen if the area remains numb for a very long period?

Fear of injection: People often thought the gums are a soft and highly sensitive area. Injection in gums may cause severe pain and discomfort.

Fear of smell: Dentophobia in some patients may be due to the smell of various compounds such as alcohol.

Fear of drilling: Drilling is usually done during dental cleaning. Some people are afraid of getting their teeth drilled probably due to the harsh voice during drilling.

Fear of closeness: Some people have a fear of proximity with other people.

Fear of immovability: People have to sit for a long period during a dental procedure. They may have of fear of being immobile and out of control.

How To Overcome Dentophobia?

Following are the measures that can help to overcome dentophobia:

  • Inform your dentist about your dental fear. He may able to make you calmly understand the procedure.
  • To overcome your anxiety and fear, you may undergo cognitive behavior therapy.
  • You may also opt for sedation.
  • To reduce the sound, you may have noise-canceling headphones.
  • You should distract yourself.
  • Meditation may help you control your anxiety.

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