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Why Having Straight Teeth is Good for Your Health

Why Having Straight Teeth is Good for Your Health

Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile of confidence?
It is a common belief that teeth’s straightening is just a cosmetic treatment. Contrary to that, American Dental Association (ADA) says that perfectly aligned teeth not only improve your look, rather it improves overall health and mental state.

People having malocclusion are more susceptible to contract diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke etc. Malaligned teeth are difficult to clean and often lead to swollen gums and become an ideal place to harbor harmful microorganisms.

Today, Dental surgeons are equipped with latest technologies to help patients in achieving beautiful and healthy smile slowly but surely.

Five health benefits of straight teeth

Healthier gums : Both overcrowding and spaced teeth are difficult to clean and moreover, gums tend to get more injured during chewing food and often lead to swollen and bleeding gums. Gum problems affect both children and adults; malocclusion is one of the major contributing factors for the disease.

Once teeth’s straightening is complete and teeth are in harmony, gums tend to bind teeth better and increases longevity of teeth.

Stronger teeth : Apart from cosmetic concern, misaligned teeth can result in cavities and tooth decay. Conditions like overbite and improper masticatory forces not only wears away tooth surface but also weakens gums holding the teeth.

Orthodontic treatment relieves the pressure on teeth and prevents them from daily wear and tear due to malocclusion.

Improved speech : Protruding or overlapped teeth causes speech problems. With advancing age, it can have mental effects also like low self esteem, lack of confidence and poor communication. A simple treatment of teeth alignment not only improves speech but also boosts confidence of great look and makes life more rewarding.

Better digestion : About one-third of food digestion happens in mouth, but Malaligned teeth not only cause difficuly in eating food but also lead to poor digestion and digestive problems.

Orthodontic treatment can be beneficial in improving health by improving digestion.

Reduced migraines : Improper forces of jaw movements impacts not only teeth and gums but also the surrounding muscles of mastication, bones and joints. Patients often suffer from a referred pain of teeth and it is often difficult to diagnose the source of pain or headache.

A minor treatment to malocclusion of teeth straightening can give a big relief to patient.


Gone are the days, when metal wires were the only option for teeth straightening. Newer advances like invisalign are more patient friendly. Invisalign are set of transparent aligners, custom made after taking teeth impression. Aligners are replaced with in prescribed timeframe until teeth reaches at required position.

Invisalign aligners are easy to remove and you can remove them while eating and cleaning of teeth. These aligners also prevent staining of teeth. Your life remains intact, as invisalign aligners keeps working throughout the day to make your smile perfect without interfering routine activities. It’s never too late to reach out for treatment, with amazing results in adults and young children.

To know more about invisalign, whether it is for you, please reach us at Dr. Monica’s Dental Care And Implant Centre.

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