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Orthodontic treatment in Paschim Vihar

Orthodontic treatment in Paschim Vihar

Does your set of crooked or over crowded teeth worry you a lot? Are your concerned by your own looks in the mirror? Orthodontic treatment is the solution for you.

What is Orthodontic treatment?

This treatment is to move and straighten your misaligned, crooked, overlapping, or twisted teeth for them to give a better appearance. Orthodontic treatment in Paschim vihar is performed by the most experienced specialist who has the best solutions to rectify your worries.

What causes crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth could be an inherited trait and other causes are –

  • Early loss of teeth
  • Teeth gum disease
  • Jaw misalignment due to an injury
  • Mouth or jaw tumors
  • Improper dental treatments

What problems are caused by the crooked teeth?

  • Affects the face appearance, and reduces self-confidence
  • Difficulties in properly chewing what you eat and some things you tend to swallow without properly chewing and it gives more work for the digestive system.
  • It affects the health condition of other teeth due to food buildup and plaque causing tooth decay, gum diseases, cavities, toothache, etc.
  • It might also cause earaches and headaches when the teeth structure is misaligned due to strain in teeth, jaws and muscles.
  • It causes speech difficulties or not being able to properly pronounce words.

Are you worried because of that? What you can do?

  • As a first step, you can get an appointment from a dentist. He would carry out the Orthodontics treatment. After that you would no longer worry about your crooked teeth.
  • If you have any complicated issues, the dentist will refer you to an Orthodontist who is a specialized in Orthodontics treatment.

How to diagnose your dental conditions?

Just like diagnosing other medical conditions, here also the dentist requires x-rays and photographs of yourjaws, teeth and head. From this, he can exam the position of the teeth and roots.

Why this is needed?

There may be several issues such as the possibility of any new teeth or a problematic position of your teeth and jaw. The diagnosis is useful to identify your particular issueby the dentist. If there are no any complicated issues, the dentist will carry out the treatment after getting your consent. If there are any complications, he would refer you to an orthodontist.

Who are in need to do Orthodontic treatment?

Normally dentist avoid treating baby teeth as they will fall off and healthy adult teeth may likely to come. But there are some exception condition where early treatments are suggested in order to get permanent healthy adult teeth. 

But those who have permanent crooked teeth are the most suitable ones for this as naturally their teeth won’t change thereafter.

Types of Orthodontic treatments


This is fitted around the neck and head. More likely recommend to children than adults. This is used to help the direction of the teeth movements and jaw growth. There is no need to wear this every time. However need to be worn for a specific time and duration as per the recommendation of your orthodontist.


This is the common appliance worn in the orthodontic treatment to correct the teeth. Here bands or brackets are attached to each tooth, connected by arch wires and held in place with the use of wire ties or rubber.

There are several types of braces which can be worn according to the users’ preference such as,

  • Fixed braces – you cannot remove on your own,
  • Removable braces – you can remove and fix  by your own,
  • Invisible braces – transparent, plastic, clear moulds which make it hard for others to identify that you are wearing braces.

Removable appliances

Appliances worn before wearing braces or instead of braces or with braces, based on the circumstances and requirement of users.


During the ‘retention period’, the users are recommended to wear this for a specific period. After the removal of other orthodontic appliance, retainers can used for some time to keep the corrected teeth stay in the corrected position.

Oral surgery

If you wanted to correct the position of your lower or upper jaw, or remove some over-crowded teeth, oral surgery can be performed by the orthodontist after getting your consent.

Does it take much time to cure after the Orthodontic treatments?

Depends on the teeth condition, appliances and the users’ dedication in using the appliances the time duration differs. It takes only some few months for minor conditions whereas complex conditions might take about 2 1/2 – 3 years to get complete cure.

Are these treatments minor or complicated?

A best experienced and trained orthodontist will take extreme care of your teeth. So you do not need to think much about the complications. But your cooperation is also highly required as you need to tolerate the difficulties of having a foreign device pressing your teeth and being inside your mouth.

For first couple of weeks, you will most likely find it difficult to talk and eat food with the appliance. But no need to worry about this much as you will easily get used to it. So do not give up after using only for some days. If you feel it extremely uncomfortable, experience pain or any other difficulties, consult your orthodontist and make adjustments to the appliances.

Will this Orthodontic treatments be successful?

The success depends on the orthodontist you are going to consult. It will be highly successful if it is performed by an experienced orthodontic specialist. At the same time, your dedication is also very important during the treatment period to make it successful.

However orthodontic treatments are technically advanced and inexpensive. At the same time will be much helpful to boost your confidence. If you want to make your smile more beautiful, and become healthier, orthodontic treatment are excellent and affordable reach for you.  So if you want to correct your crooked teeth, make sure that you are going to consult the best experienced orthodontist in your city for the successful orthodontic treatments.

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