Early orthodontics

Early orthodontics

It’s a wide perception and myth that orthodontic treatment is only meant for adults and as a child having milk teeth makes me ineligible for any procedure.

Having perfectly aligned teeth is a dream of every person. Orthodontists are trained to do this beautiful job. Orthodontic treatments are not only aimed to give perfect smile but also planned to avoid any serious developmental issues arising due to malocclusion.

Early orthodontics is also called as interceptive orthodontics. Traditionally dental surgeons had to wait for the child to have permanent teeth for starting any form of treatment. But with research and advancement it has been made possible to intervene a growing deformity as early as age six of a child.

Orthodontic treatment can be divided in two phases

Phase I

If your child has any of these conditions like

  • Overjet
  • Overbite
  • Thumb sucking habit
  • Difficulty in eating, speaking or swallowing food
  • Mouthbreating
  • Protruding teeth

These are few manifestations to opt for interceptive orthodontics. By having assessment at early age, it not only prevents child to undergo difficult procedures in future but also saves cost of treatment in phase II, if required.

Early orthodontic treatment helps child in relieving pressure due to Malaligned teeth and directs the jaw bones to grow harmoniously. In phase I, treatment can be as short as 8 months, but it varies on severity of the case.

Benefits of Early orthodontics

Improves facial aesthetics

Early orthodontic intervention creates facial symmetry by correcting overcrowding, spaces or malpositioned teeth.

Creates more space in jaw bones for crowded teeth

Between ages six to twelve years, it’s a mixed dentition period, permanent teeth starts erupting and temporary (Milk) teeth are eliminated by shedding process.

This transition time is very crucial and carefully monitored to have a normal dentition and bone growth. Interceptive orthodontics helps in creating adequate space for eruption of permanent teeth.

Improves speech

Conditions like crossbite, malpositioned tooth or protruding teeth may interfere in speech and causes deleterious effects on mental health of child also.

Interfering and addressing these issues, at an early age, to correct speech defects can boost the child’s confidence. 

Decrease chances of trauma to protruded teeth

It is commonly seen in children, as they are playful and tend to get their front teeth fractured more often if they are protruded.

By correcting this defect, child looks are improved with reduced susceptibility of any injury in future.

Shortens the time duration of phase II treatment

Phase II treatment is done on adults and usually takes 18 months to 2 years and sometimes need surgical procedures as well.

This makes phase II treatment more expensiveand extensive, but due to phase I preventive treatment it shortens the phase II duration.


Not every child needs a phase II treatment, it’s always better to consult dental expert to understand your child’s condition. In case if your child gets attention of phase I treatment, it’s always better start early, to prevent future complications, as we know prevention is better than cure.

We at Dr. Monica’s Dental & Implant Care Centre, works on the philosophy of early intervention of disease, to deal more effectively and efficiently.

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