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The solution to saving your teeth

The solution to saving your teeth

Healthy teeth is an aspect important aspect our health, but one that is overlooked by most individuals. Our teeth is a part of our body which we tend to take for granted, because we fail to understand how our teeth help us with the important aspects of our day to day functions. Our teeth help us chew our food, are required for accurate speech and also are an important factor in contributing towards a pleasant smile. So when healthy, beautiful looking teeth are needed for so many of our day to day functions, it becomes important that we bring to the top of our health priorities.

This lack of priority, is the reason why over the course of time, the number of people developing dental problems have gradually been rising. There are more people who visit the RCT Specialist in Paschim Vihar, because they have developed various problems with their teeth, as a result of their lack of proper hygienic care for their teeth.

The ravaging effects of tooth decay is something that almost all of us will experience throughout the course of time. So the question arises why is it that some people develop cavities in their tooth while others don’t? this is because those who care well for their teeth, which includes avoiding foods that damage the enamel as well as brushing their teeth regularly, can help slow down the process of decay, as result of which their natural teeth tends to last longer.

With the advancement of modern day dentistry, those who have an advanced state of tooth decay also don’t have to worry about the possibility of losing a tooth. Because now there is the solution of undergoing a root canal treatment in order to save the tooth, in the case that there is some part of the tooth that can be salvaged. Which was not the case before, because your dentist would have advised you to have the teeth removed.

Since root canal treatment in Paschim Vihar is fast becoming popular, we also have to tackle a myth that has been associated with this treatment method. Most people believe that root canal treatment can lead to the development of cancer. This association has no evidence to support it and there is no research to prove that undergoing root canal treatment puts you at increased risk of developing any type of disease, let alone cancer.

What root canal treatment involves:

A root canal treatment is done only when the infection which has destroyed the outer layers of your tooth called the enamel, have reached the pulp, which is the innermost cavity of the tooth which contains the nerve endings. When this region has been infected, you will have to undergo a root canal treatment, where the dentist will remove all the infected tissue and debris from the pulp, fill up the cavity, seal of the access point in order to prevent further infections, and also add a crown, if necessary in order to make the treatment more fool proof.

Having knowledge about the procedure will help you understand that this entire process is carried out in order to stop the infection from spreading further and causing more damage which cannot be repaired, that will end up in an individual losing their tooth. Therefore a root canal treatment can be considered as a procedure which actually prevents disease and not a procedure which puts you at increased risk of developing one.

Why this myth surrounds root canal treatment:

The reason why this notion of cancer has been associated with root canal treatment is because of the idea that was put forward by a dentist by the name of Weston Price in the early 20th century, where he stated that health problems arose as a result of leaving behind ‘’dead material’’ in the body and according to him a tooth which has had its pulp removed fit the criterion of ‘’dead material’’. During the mid-20th century, extensive research was dedicated to this problem and scientific inquiry revealed that there was no validity to this idea. In fact, the research revealed that individuals who underwent a root canal treatment were seen to have a 45% reduction in the risk of developing oral cancer.

Therefore if you have any queries regarding dental problems, and are not sure what treatment modality is best for you, you should rely on the advice of your dentist rather than depend on what the internet has to say to you.

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