Teeth whitening myths

Teeth whitening myths

It’s everyone’s desire to have a great smile. Sparkling healthy white teeth are the most important attribute to enhance your look. Teeth whitening treatment is a routine and most common cosmetic procedure followed allaround the world.

Now a day’slots of home use, self applying teeth whitening kits are available in the market as well. To avoid confusion, whether it’s safe or not, we, Dental surgeon, as the expert in this field thought of breaking few myths related to this simple and effective procedure.

Five myths of teeth whitening

Avoid tea, coffee after teeth whitening

Regular consumption of tea, coffee like products leaves yellow to brownish stains on teeth. After teeth whitening procedure, dentist recommends to avoid any high pigmented staining substance use for some time.

If you maintain your oral hygiene with proper tooth brushing technique, you can again start enjoying your favorite drinks.

Sensitive teeth cannot undergo teeth whitening

Few people have this belief that teeth whitening procedures are harmful and can damage teeth. Moreover if you have sensitive teeth, you cannot undergo teeth whitening treatment. Contrary to this, it’s always better to find out the exact cause of sensitivity, to have better results afterwards.

During teeth whitening treatment, slight sensitivity may be felt, which is temporary, because of temperature change during the procedure but eventually it goes away.

It’s too expensive and difficult procedure

Believe me it doesn’t cost you a fortune to get this Cosmetic treatment. Dental professionals are trained to carry out this procedure in a smooth and successful way.

Teeth whitening can be carried out in single visit with immediate effects, but patients can be given multiple appointments to get desired results. 

Market products are as effective as dental office procedures

Teeth whitening tooth paste to bleaching kits like products are flooded in the market, but these products can be harmful to your gums and teeth. High abrasive containing tooth pastes can remove your superficial layer of teeth, while on the other hand; bleaching kits may be ill fitting and cause spillage of chemicals causing harmful effects on gums and other oral structures.

Dental office procedures are always précised to patient’s indication and are more effective. Custom fitting trays can also be made available for home use under guidance.

Teeth whitening is for forever

Now, this is a tricky situation, as it all depends on your food and personal habits. If you are aware of high pigmented substances and avoid their use, with regular brushing, you can enjoy a long period of glistening white teeth


Although teeth whitening is a widely used treatment for improving your aesthetics, but few myths are associated with them. It’s a simple procedure carried out by dental experts and custom made kits can be made available for home use. Before experimenting commercially available products at home, it’s always advisable to take an expert’s opinion, after all your smile matters a lot.

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