Complete Denture

THE Glossary Of Prosthodontics Terms Define Prosthodontic As That Branch Of Dental Art And Science Pertaining To The Restoration And Maintenance Of Oral Function By The Replacement Of Missing Teeth And Structure By Artificial Device. Treatment Modalities Used In DENTURE Prosthodontics Include THE COMPLETE DENTURE which is used to restore the completely edentulous mouth,the REMOVABLE PARTIAL DENTURE for patient with some natural teeth remaining, and COMBINATION OF THESE TWO in which one jaw(usually the maxilla) is completely edentulous and the mandible is partially edentulous.

The Base Of The Upper Denture Cover The Palate (The Roof Of The Mouth). When The Base Of Upper Denture Rest Against The Gums And Palate, It Makes A Seal To Hold The Denture In Place. The Lower Denture Has A Horseshoe Shape So There Is Room For The Tongue And Muscle Attachment. It Rest On The Gum And Bone Tissue Of The Dental Ridge. A Thin Film Of Saliva Hold It In Place. The Cheek Muscle And Tongue Also Help Hold The Lower Denture In Place.

We Would To Highlight On Step By Step On Clinical Procedure In The Fabrication Of Denture:

  • First Visit - The primary Impression is taken. Primary impression: It is an impression in which certain landmarks of the jaw are recorded with the suitable materials.
  • Second visit - Border moulding and secondary impression is taken with help of special tray n Zno- eugenol paste.
  • Third visit - Jaw Registration is taken with upper and lower occlusal Rim.
  • Fourth Visit - wax trial is done in this sitting.

Implant supported complete denture:

A Complete Denture May Also Be Attached To Dental Implant, Which Provide A More Secure Fit. Implant Are Posts That Are Surgically Placed In The Upper Or Lower Jaw.Properly Placed Implants Make The Denture Stable And Can Help Reduce Bone Loss.

Many Patients Find That Implant

Supported Denture Are More Comfortable And Secure Than Conventional Denture. However, Not Everyone Should Get Implants. Patientsmust Be In Good Oral Health And Enough Bone To Support The Implants.

What Are The Benefits Of Dentures Supported By Implants?

  • People who opt for implant-supported dentures are more confident when they talk, laugh, and eat in public. You'll never have to worry about your false teeth slipping or falling out while you eat or are engaged in conversation.
  • Implant-supported dentures are far more comfortable because they are secure and feel like natural teeth. There is also less irritation of gum tissue; patients who have conventional dentures often suffer pain and canker sores.
  • Implant-supported dentures look more natural than conventional dentures because less plastic is needed for retention. Wearing implant-supported dentures can also help your appearance in the long term by preventing jaw shrinkage and bone loss.
  • Patients with conventional dentures have difficulty with speaking clearly. Slurred speech and clicking noises are common problems. Implant-supported dentures can help you relax and talk easily with a more clear and natural voice.
  • Best of all, with implant-supported dentures, there is no need to use denture adhesives.
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