Tooth Coloured Laser Filling

Dental restoration is the most commonly administered dental treatment. These restorations are subjected to dynamic conditions in oral cavity, are likely to fail and need replacement. Ideal restorative material should pass two tests- Longitivity and Esthetics. Longitivity of the restorative material depends on three major factors- first is Patient’s factors, second is Operator`s skills and last is the Restorative material itself. Composite (componere = to combine) is the universally used tooth-colored direct restorative material. Survival of composite was influenced significantly by type of material. Light (LASER) cured microfilled and densified filled materials being more successful between 6.5 years and 8.5 years, whereas the older autopolymerising macrofilled composites were most successful up to 6.5 years.

Composite micro- mechanically bonds to the tooth and restorations do not typically require tooth preparations as precise as amalgam and inlay castings. Conservative removal of tooth structure supports the restoration better. Composite resins are indispensable in anterior esthetic zones but also are viable alternative to amalgam for posterior restorations as well1. Though they are more technique sensitive 2 but offer a better seal and meet the patient's demands for esthetics.

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